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In this section I'll be including more tips and tricks, along with some advice and stories from the world of PCs.


If I’m searching for files on the internet, I can restrict my search to specific files, such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PDFs.

To do this, we use the Google search keyword ‘filetype’.

For example, say I’m looking for one of those football quizzes on an Excel sheet.

In Google, I’d type

football quiz filetype:xls

What about a list of Oscar winners in PDF?

oscar winners filetype:pdf


I (and many others) use the Reading Pane in Outlook for a preview of emails. I also use the fact that a message is 'unread' as a sign that I need to perform some sort of action on/to it.

I know that I and others find it very annoying that Outlook automatically marks any message displayed in the Reading Pane as read. Fortunately, we can stop this behaviour.

In Outlook, from the menu, choose Tools, Options, and then go to the 'Other' tab. Then click the button marked 'Preview Pane' or 'Reading Pane' (depending upon your version of Outlook).

Remove the tick from the 'Mark items as read when viewed in the Reading/Preview Pane' option, and click OK, then OK again.

Now, you can preview a message while still leaving it 'unread'  

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